Claire Blue Ideas, LLC - web marketing and creative services

Based in San Francisco, we produce optimized web content and ROI-minded marketing strategies. Serving as a creative and strategic partner, we produce websites, manage social media, and create successful marketing campaigns using an integrated approach and the latest technologies.

What We Do

We coach small and mid-sized businesses to use social media, web, and advertising in a smart and focused way.

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Content and Web Copy

The Stuff People Read
Ever wonder who writes blog posts, updates Facebook and Twitter, or writes the copy on websites?

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Project Management

Get it Done
Need someone to manage your website launch, re-branding, or marketing projects?

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Branding & Strategy

Tie It All Together
These marketing buzz words mean one thing: cohesion in design and messaging.

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What We Make

We create websites and content for websites. That means messaging, videos, photos, graphics, logos… you get the picture. Here are some examples.

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Worked with designer and developer; wrote all the evergreen (static) copy for the website launch.

Served as digital producer for strategy and production. Site developed by Legwork Studios and Strada Advertising.

Mesa Del Sol Redevelopment Video

Worked with land developer and creative team to produce this vision piece.