Content and Web Copy

The stuff people read.

All successful marketing starts with content. We provide services to write the headlines, copy and navigation for your initial website, upkeep your blog, write industry-specific articles and maintain your email marketing and social media efforts. Our theory with web writing is that a website is never finished. Planning an editorial calendar should be as important as building a media plan, and should happen concurrently. By developing a plan for announcements, events, news or anything worth sharing, ahead of time, all of your messaging can be integrated in multiple platforms and reused.

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Website copy and content management

We will write the messaging for your website, develop headlines and create the navigation and photo labels.

Content inventory and planning

By taking stock of the marketing messages you already have, we can reuse and recycle messaging for other media platforms.

Evergreen copy

Developing marketing messaging that is not time sensitive, and more brand focused.

Editorial calendars and training

Developing an editorial calendar will help focus your marketing plan and be strategic about where you post content. For example, you are having a sale in January and will need to post it to Facebook, email your interest list, update your website, Tweet it, post it to your blog, update your banner ads, etc. etc. An editorial calendar will help you decipher how to frame the messaging for all these platforms and how many times (and when) you should mention the sale.

News and updates

Send your interest list news and updates on a regular basis to generate website traffic and keep your brand top of mind.

Social Media training and strategy

Set up and learn how to use social media if it’s appropriate for your business.