In the vast world of internet marketing, where do you fit in?

If you own a business, the idea of free marketing looks like a grasshopper to a hungry brook trout — too big to swallow, but so damn tasty. You are on a budget, understand the value of marketing, you are crafty and you know if you could just make the time, you could do it yourself.

This is true — if you are savvy you could probably figure out how to create a WordPress website, fill in the content, start a Facebook page, even open a Pay-per-click account in Google. But how do you know which marketing platform is worth the time investment, what works and doesn’t work, what other people are doing in your industry? Does pay-per-click provide better ROI than banner ads? Is it better to have a one-page website or a Facebook page? And what the heck is SEO?

At CBI, we can help you navigate these waters with a phased and progressive approach so you can truly become self-sufficient in your marketing. And we’ll likely recommend you to try the caddis fly instead.